Find a school that works for your family!

Indianapolis has a wide variety of K-12 public schools to choose from. Indy Schools can help your family find an elementary, middle, or high school that best fits your students’ needs and interests.

Indianapolis has a great public school for you.

Indy Schools helps you find public charter and Innovation school options in Indianapolis. These public schools are open to all Indianapolis students, tuition-free, and have unique program offerings.

Unique Programs

Public charter and innovation schools can help you explore your favorite subjects – STEM, liberal arts, early college, study abroad, and more! You can find a school that works best for your goals, learning style, and interests.

Academic Excellence

Your learning experience matters. Indianapolis public charter and innovation network schools are some of the best in the city. They offer strong academic programs and support to help you reach your goals in a small, safe environment.

Public Pride

All Indianapolis public charter and innovation network schools are free and open to any student who wants to enroll. Smaller student bodies mean you won’t get lost in the crowd. Many offer transportation services.

Indy Schools is an initiative of The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit.