Questions to ask at a High School Fair

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Choosing your future high school is an exciting time! Indianapolis students and families have so many great public high school options. At the Indy Schools High School Fair on Saturday, April 9, there will be 17 public high schools ready to meet you!

Each school offers different programs, services, and opportunities. All 17 schools at the Indy Schools High School Fair are free and open to any Indianapolis student. To help you find the school that best fits your needs and interests, make sure to bring questions with you to help you compare different schools.

Below are questions that can help you better understand the unique programs and supports at each school.


  • How large are your class sizes?
  • Does your school have unique classes for students?
  • What does your academic counseling program look like?
  • If I am struggling with a particular subject, what kinds of support will I receive?
  • What are the required courses each student needs to take?
  • What are the elective options?
  • How do you work with your students who have IEPs?
  • What support do you have for students who are English Language Learners?
  • What dual credit or AP courses do you offer? How are students able to qualify for these classes?
  • How can I check grades and academic progress?

College & Career Prep

  • What is your graduation rate?
  • What kinds of support do you provide for students enrolled in the 21st Century Scholars program?
  • What kinds of support do you provide to students to explore college or career options after high school?
  • Does the school take students on college tours?
  • Does the school have any internship or work experience programs for students?
  • Does the school have any certification programs for students?
  • What types of support do you provide for completing the FAFSA and applying to scholarships?
  • Do you offer any support after high school for your alumni?

School Services and Operations

  • Do you offer transportation?
  • What time does school start and end?
  • What social service or mental health supports do you have for students and families?
  • What does communication look like between families and the school? How do teachers and parents communicate?
  • What do teacher parent conferences look like? How frequent are they?
  • Do you have a uniform? If so, what are the prices for each required item?
  • Do you have any textbook fees? If so, can you share an estimate for fees?
  • What kind of equity or cultural competency training do you provide for your staff?
  • What racial equity commitments or policies do you have?
  • What kind of technology does your school supply to students? Is there a tech fee?

Extracurriculars and Student Life

  • What sports do you offer?
  • What clubs do you offer? When do they meet?
  • Do you have a student government or other student leadership opportunities?
  • What kinds of community service opportunities do you offer?
  • Is there a service hour requirement for students?
  • Do you charge participation fees?
  • What kinds of fun activities, like dances or field trips, does the school offer?


  • Is there a certain day I need to decide to enroll in your school?
  • Do you normally have a wait list?
  • Is your staff able to help me complete enrollment through Enroll Indy or another system your school uses?

Get your questions answered at the Indy Schools High School Fair on Saturday, April 9! Learn more and register here.

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